Poultry Farming vaccination and Oral Medication


How to cure your poultry animals without using drugs

Not every disease requires drugs, Drug usage has become an unavoidable phenomenon in Poultry farms all over the country.

 Intensive poultry farming has caused the Incessant administration of drugs or medications for myriads of reasons.

Most poultries industry in Africa especially western part are so addicted to recommending and administering only drugs to their livestocksas, these farmers have become obsessed with drugs usage even in situations where it's unnecessary.

Reasons for drug use on birds:

1. As a panacea for poor biosecurity practices.

2. To mitigate issues associated with the rampant cases of poor day-old chicks.

3. Faulty management practices leading to diseases.

4. As a preventive protocol against persistent endemic infections.

5. Farmers use drugs to make up for the compromise usually practiced during nutritional formulations.

6. For growth enhancement as a result of greed and impatience.

Notwithstanding the importance and necessity for the discreet use of drugs, there are situations in which drug use is not indicated at all.

The need for the investigative approach to diagnosis and unraveling the causes of mortality and poor performance can not be undermined.

Examples of scenarios where antibiotics are contra-indicated:

1. Problems associated with subjecting birds to temperature extremes.

2. Stunting due to under-nutrition.

3. Poor and un-uniformed growth as a result of overcrowding.

4. Episodes of mortality due to stampede.

5. Certain forms of toxicity.

6. Poor performance due to negligence in management.

7. Disease conditions with a bad prognosis

I must not fail to mention that the uncensored use of antibiotics in Livestock farms has led to a massive situation of antimicrobial resistance in humans.

Many times, failure to appropriately understand causes and effects will lead to needless drug administration.

You can keep your birds and animals off medication by supplementing  their water with Sangrovit , on a daily basis to keep them Healthy in a natural way, Gut Healthy most important.

The best acidifier on market is called SANGROVIT

Acidifiers help to keep birds healthy by boosting their immunity, help to improve digestion, boost performance and stop chances of bacteria multiplication in water and water pipes.

Water acidifiers as well help to prevent biofilm formation in the water pipes

Use only 50grams sangrovit in every 1000 ltr of water to keep the water safe to animal use, control enteritis, improve digestion and improve overall performance of the birds and animals.

Available at  all VET shops countrywide

Below is a recommended timetable which can be used for your broiler daily as natural medications which includes multivitamin 


DAY 1. Glucose/ Milk /Multivitamins should be given to the birds to ease them of the stress of transportation they went through when they are transported from the hatchery to the farm. 

DAY 2-5 .Use Multivitamins And Antibiotics For your birds( Amoxyl col + Powervit)

DAY 6– 8 Anticoccidiosis Oral medication( EMBAZIN FORTE ) should be administered because their litter would have already start getting wet when they at day 8. 

Day 9-10. Treat them against Respiratory Disease Such as CRD And Bronchitis By Giving Your Birds ( CORYL SP And Power vit)

DAY 11- First Vaccination On the 11th Should Be Gumboro Vaccine. The best time to combat viral poultry diseases is when the birds are still young when the vaccine can still gets them immuned against Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD). 

NOTE- And Remember Lasota should not be administered without adding milk it makes your Vaccination more effective. 

Day 12 – 13 MULTIVITAMINS Or Just Water 

Day 14- First Lasota Vaccination should be given to your birds and must be done early in the morning after feeding your birds E.G- If you have 100 birds give them 100doses of Lasota vaccine and if its 1000birds give them 1000doses. And also remember don’t give your birds antibiotics 3days before you vaccinate them only administer MULTIVITAMIN days before you vaccinate them.

After your first Lasota Vaccination the next Lasota Vaccination should be given every 30days. And also the Quantity of water to be used to vaccinate your birds should be quarter(1/4) of the total water you give them in the morning. Remember to Also add milk to their Vaccination.

Day 15-18. Anticoccidiosis (Totrazuril)

DAY 19 -22. Use Multivitamins And Antibiotics. Amoxyl Col Ans Power vit.

DAY 23- 25. ANTIBIOTICS and MULTIVITAMINS - Doxygen and Powervit.

Day 26- 28. Treat Respiratory Diseases such as CRD By giving your birds

 ( CORYL- SP )

DAY 29 – 35. (Anticoccidiosis ( EMBAZIN FORTE OR Totrazuril).

DAY 36-48. Water

(WEEK 6).








MULTIVITAMINS- Doxygen for 3days the rest days water


MULTIVITAMINS and Anticoccidiosis - Powervit and Totrazuril

DEWORM( Kepromec Oral)

NOTE that this vaccination schedule IS only for broilers , And not for layers , turkey or guinea fowl they all have their separate Vaccination


It is very important to take note of these things because sometimes giving your birds unnecessary drugs can reduce their productivity but with the right vaccination your poultry is going to be healthy.

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